7 Tips for Healthy Hair During Winters

7 Tips for Healthy Hair During WinterLets face it, Winter season plays a havoc on our skin and hair. You need to give your hair and skin an extra dose of TLC to maintain its good health. Good hair is definitely an instant confident booster for me. Here I have put together a few tips to protect your hair from harsh, cold weather..

Switch up your products – Shampoos that suit our hair may not necessarily work the same way during winter season. Analyze you’re your type and buy the right kind of products.

Deep condition – Cold weather means harsh wind and harsh wind can cause dryness. Protect your hair with a deep conditioner at least once a week. Try the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask. You can also prepare your own DIY hair mask. Whip up a quick banana, honey and olive oil hair mask.

Avoid boiling hot water – Who doesn’t love taking really long hot water showers during winters? Well, it turns out that boiling hot water is not very good for your hair. It makes your hair very prone to breakage and dandruff.

Wash less frequently – Chances are that you might be sweating as much as you would during summers. Retain your hair’s natural moisture by washing less frequently.

Give yourself a hot oil scalp massage – Massage your scalp using slightly warmed up oil. It will help in retaining the moisture as well as increase blood circulation.

Apply a leave in treatment – After your regular shampoo conditioning routine, apply a leave in treatment to seal in the moisture. Try the Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment.

Hydrate – During winters, my water intake reduces to barely 2- 3 glasses a day, which, I know is really bad for skin and hair. So I incorporate water in my routine by way of hot teas or juices. Keep your body hydrated and trust me, it will show on your hair too.


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