8 Beauty Tools Every Girl Must Have


“A man is only as good as his tools.” You might be using the best foundation out there, but if you don’t have the right brush or the blender to blend, it might end up looking patchy and uneven. There are few basic tools that every girl should have in her vanity to look more put-together all the time other than the obvious ‘makeup brushes’. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on that Dior blush but spending a few extra bucks on a good hair iron will be an investment. So here is a list of some basic tools that you should always have with you. They will not only help you save your time and money but also pull your look together.

  1. Foot Scrubber


Well, I dont know what this tool is exactly called, but lets call it the ‘foot scrubber’. It comes in handy when you do your at-home pedicures. It scrubs off the excess dead skin from your feet like magic making them feeling soft. You can get it at any beauty store and it hardly costs around Rs. 200 or less.

  1. Facial Cleansing Sponge


Since the time I have started using this, it has changed my life. Taking off face masks have become so easy now. Just wet the sponge and use it all over to remove your face. It takes off every bit of that face mask. You can get these from a brand called QVS, I ordered mine from nykaa.com and a pack of 3 costs Rs. 220.

  1. Flat Iron


A flat iron, believe it or not, can help you achieve a number of different looks. It is most important hair tool that a girl can have, even for girls with straight hair. You can obviously straighten your hair with it and also curl them, give them a beachy waves effect, or have those dreamy mermaid waves. You don’t shell a fortune on the GHD’s but invest once in a good pair and it will last you forever.

  1. Razor


Everyone loves hair free skin, dont you? A razor is a very handy tool for the in-between-waxing sessions to keep those unwanted hair at bay.

  1. Tweezer


You never know when you need to do some plucking and grooming. These Tweezerman tweezers were a little expensive but worth the money. Their sharp angular head makes getting rid of even the smallest of hair so easy. You can also sue tweezers to apply false lashes.

  1. Q-tips


These small little sticks are not only used for your ears, but they are great at fixing any makeup mistakes, without having to start from the beginning. Perfecting a winger eyeliner has never been so easy. You can also use them to clear up manicure mistake. Just dip them in your nail polish remover and get rid of any nail polish gone astray.

  1. Body Brush


Whether its dry brushing or scrubbing off the dirt from your feet, a body brush is an essential tool to have. Dry brushing does more than simple exfoliating. It helps increase circulation and also reduces cellulite over time (those pesky dimple-like fat deposits on your thighs).

      8. Dual Sharpener


You know its use. I prefer a two-in-one sharpener, one for thinner lip liners or eye liners and other other for those fatter lipsticks or eye crayons. Any sharpener with decent blades would be good enough. But make sure they are of good quality because otherwise they will end up breaking the nib of the pencils and you will be wasting a lot of your favorite makeup product.


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  1. April 8, 2016 / 10:42 am

    These are the essential bests in any girl life. Nice post:-)

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