New Year, New Me ?

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2017 flew by so quickly. With a blink of an eye we are here in 2018. Ever since I was a kid new year brought about a new spark in me. But that spark would die off in a few days, let alone months. Every year I would set resolutions for myself on the last day or the year or the first day of the new year, only to be forgetting them after a couple of days. All throughout my school life a lot of my resolutions would be the same -‘lose weight’, ‘exercise more often’ ‘get good grades’ and so on. And I would never stick by them. Come college, I got busy with other things so I did not bother setting any resolutions. However, last year, 2017, was very different for me.

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New Beauty Discoveries – 2

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If you are a beauty blogger you end up trying out so many new products. But not all of them speak to you. However, every once in a while you do find some things that overtime tend to become your holy grail products. I do try and test out all the products that I talk about either here on my blog or on my YouTube channel. Makeup products are easier to make your mind about, but skincare items take a while to show their efficacy and results.

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Oriflame – Love Nature Range

Being a blogger has its perks. We get to attend product launch events where the representatives of a particular brand talk about the new product launched. They also sometimes give us samples of the products to try first hand and talk about our experience. A few months back I attended one such event by Oriflame, introducing their Love Nature range of products. But this event was nothing like I had attended ever before.

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How To Do Facial At Home | Video

How To Do Facial At Home

Every few days I love to give my face some TLC. Though, I have to admit it, I do get lazy sometimes and just do the basic steps, like scrubbing and masking. But it is important to give time to yourself every once in a while. I try to take out 30 mins at least once every month to give myself a facial at home. My skin definitely thanks me afterwards and I feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes | Video

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Binge watching your favorite show on Netflix until wee hours of the morning ? Or partying until the sun comes out ? Or maybe what was supposed to be catching up with a friends for just a couple or drinks turns out to be and entire rant session? Well, whatever your excuse is, I am sure you dont wanna wake up with those pesky dark circles or puffed up eyes. But sometime you cant help but wake up with panda eyes. View Post