My Night Time Skincare Routine + GIVEAWAY


night time skin care routine

Raise your hands all those who are guilty of not removing makeup before going to sleep !!! ME ME ME. I guess a lot of us are. Especially when you come back late from a night out and all you can think of is your BED. Well, I used to sleep with makeup on a couple of times a month. But as I am growing older, those days have reduced considerably. Well, the number days I am out late at night have also reduced.

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Laser Hair Removal – My Experience and Thoughts


Alma Lasers, laser, hair removal

We all want beautiful, hair free skin. In the quest of staying hair-free, we spend innumerous number of hours each month, sometimes more than once a month getting ourselves waxed. But what happens when you suddenly have made plans to go out and your next waxing appointment is scheduled for the day after? Look for a full sleeves top, wear jeans instead of a skirt? Well, now you need not worry about such things. With new technology coming in you can get rid of unwanted hair in just 6-8 sittings. In my previous post I gave you a brief idea about laser treatment for different skin care concerns as well as for hair removal (click here to read). Today I will be sharing with you my experience of getting a laser hair removal treatment.

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Where Did I Disappear + Announcement

Hello lovelies, welcome back after a realllyyy long break. I know it has been more than I month since I last posted here. I had a pretty busy month plus I have a huge announcement for you all. I have started my YouTube Channel. I was also travelling last month. I went on a holiday with my parents. It was a very sudden trip that we took. I was busy with visa applications, planning the trip etc. But now coming back to my announcement – I have been wanting to start YouTube since so long, I cant even tell you.

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Vanity Cube – Review


Vanity Cube, Love Fashion Makeup

It has gotten extremely hot here in Delhi. The last thing on my mind is going to a salon for my monthly maintenance, you know, waxing, threading, manicure pedicure etc. Here is when Vanity Cube comes to my rescue. It is an app based at-home beauty salon service. The services are available in Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

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Better Skin and Lesser Hair with Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Removal, Love Fashion Makeup

When I first heard about laser being used as a hair removal device or for treating pigmentation, dark spots and the likes of it, the first thought that came to my head was that it is only meant for celebrities who need to look their best and hair free all the time. Its only very recently and after talking to a few dermatologists I have realized that no, laser treatments are not only meant for celebrities but also for normal people like us who want better skin and those don’t want to constantly think about getting waxing or shaving their hair every few days.

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