Valentines Day Gift Guide – For Him

Valentines Day Gift Guide - For Him

I always struggle to get a gift for my husband. He never seems to want anything. Asking him what he wants is just futile. So after racking my brains a ton, here is a list of few Valentine Day gifting ideas that I have come up with. I hope this Valentines Day Gift Guide helps you in finding the perfect gift for your partner. I also have a Valentines Day Gift Guide – For Her. You can probably treat yourself to something this Valentines Day if you are single or just if your partner is not big about Valentines Day.

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Whats In My Bag – Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Whats in my bag-Gucci Soho Disco

I have always been into big tote bags that can probably fit my entire world inside. I used to find small bags very inconvenient up until recently. A few months back I developed some back problem and was unable to take the weight of a large bag on my shoulders. Since then I have been on the look out for a small bag and I think I have found my perfect everyday small bag – the Gucci Soho Disco bag.

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Bedside Beauty – Whats On My Bedside Table

Bedside Beauty, bedtime routine, bedside table

I love bedtime. Well, who doesn’t? It is that time where all my makeup is off (usually), I am in my PJs, watching some episodes with my husband and unwinding my mind from the usual hectic and stressful day. I have a mini bedtime routine, which just helps me sleep better at night and just simply relaxes me.

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Currently Lovin’ – January

Currently Loving, Monthly favourites, Love Fashion Makeup

I cant believe January has already gone by. Earlier, I used to do a Monthly Favorites post, which would feature beauty products that I was using during that month. But now I have decided to switch things up a little. I will be doing a new series ‘Currently Lovin’ which will not only feature beauty products but also some other bits that I have been loving that month. Hope you guys enjoy this..

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Olaplex Hair Treatment – What it really is.


Olaplex Hair Treatment, Hair, Hair care, Hair Treatment, love fashion makeup, olaplex

Have you ever got your hair coloured and thought why is your hair looking like a dry lump of rope? Well, with all the chemical treatment that we put our hair through, the quality of the hair from outside as well as inside starts deteriorating. We do take a lot of care of our hair from going for hair spas to oiling to DIY hair treatments. But little do we do for it from inside. Olaplex is a hair treatment that works from the inside out to strengthen our hair while repairing existing damage to our hair bonds.

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