Currently Lovin’ – January

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I cant believe January has already gone by. Earlier, I used to do a Monthly Favorites post, which would feature beauty products that I was using during that month. But now I have decided to switch things up a little. I will be doing a new series ‘Currently Lovin’ which will not only feature beauty products but also some other bits that I have been loving that month. Hope you guys enjoy this..

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A Spa That Has It All || Shanaya Spa Review – The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel

What better way to pamper your tired body than a luxurious spa? Spending a couple of hours at a spa every few months is the perfect way for me destress. Recently, I visited the Shanaya Spa located in East Delhi. It is a part of the massive Leela Ambience Convention property. Once you enter the hotel, it is another world altogether. The spa is no different.

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My Ultimate Travel Packing List  


The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Is there anyone else out there who gets hassled before a trip when it comes to packing? I do. I always think I am forgetting something even though I might be carrying 10 outfits for a 3 day trip and 3 different shades of blushes and 10 lipsticks. More often than not I actually do end up forgetting something. I make endless lists only for that sheet of paper getting lost somewhere. So one day I made a list of the usual things that I carry with me. I don’t think I would need anything over and above the items listed in that list. Like a nerd I also added check boxes so that I know I have kept those items. I don’t carry all things every time I travel. It depends on where I am going and the purpose of travel.

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Fitness Files Ft. ASICS Gel Lyte

ASICS Gel Lyte Speed

Getting up at 6 am in the morning to go to the gym is a task for me, and I am sure it is for most you too. Snoozing my alarm a 100 times and then finally making it out of the bed takes some amount of strength. Most days I feel completely de-motivated and lazy. But working out is important, whether it is at the gym or going for a run or doing some exercises at home. The days I actually end up getting myself out of the bed and working out are when I feel amazing and more energetic.

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New Launch – SENS Clinic


A couple of days ago, I was invited to the launch and opening of Sens Clinic- a multi-speciality Anti Ageing and Wellness clinic by the Wave Group. Here I was re-introduced to the concept of Ageing and Wellness, or rather Healthy Ageing.

The launch included some very informative lectures and discussions.

“Sens” is an integrated state-of –the-art facility that gracefully positions itself at the centre of an ever increasing health care market.

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