How To Do Facial At Home | Video

How To Do Facial At Home

Every few days I love to give my face some TLC. Though, I have to admit it, I do get lazy sometimes and just do the basic steps, like scrubbing and masking. But it is important to give time to yourself every once in a while. I try to take out 30 mins at least once every month to give myself a facial at home. My skin definitely thanks me afterwards and I feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

I set the mood by lighting some candles or an essential oil diffuser. I also take this time to catch up on some YouTube videos. So I plop my iPad next to the bathroom sink (I know, not advisable). I usually have all the products lined up in my bathroom so I just need to choose which ones to apply that day. I start with cleansing my face, toning, followed by scrubbing off the dead skin. I also give my face a nice massage to improve blood circulation. I then go on to give my face a little steam to open up the pores followed by apply a face mask.

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