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ASICS Gel Lyte Speed

Getting up at 6 am in the morning to go to the gym is a task for me, and I am sure it is for most you too. Snoozing my alarm a 100 times and then finally making it out of the bed takes some amount of strength. Most days I feel completely de-motivated and lazy. But working out is important, whether it is at the gym or going for a run or doing some exercises at home. The days I actually end up getting myself out of the bed and working out are when I feel amazing and more energetic.

Sometimes my motivation comes from new gym clothes and accessories, believe me. Case in point: my new pastel blue ASICS Gel Lyte Speed sports shoes. Recently, I got the chance to try out these sports shoes from the popular Japanese brand ASICS. ASICS launched their ASICS Tiger collection in India a few months ago. Known for their technology, ASICS Tiger is targeted towards the fashion eccentric audience.

ASICS Gel Lyte Speed

ASICS Gel Lyte Speed

I got the ASICS Gel Lyte Speed from their 2016 Spring Summer collection. Made of blue suede, with tones of pastel green and coral, these shoes are extremely lightweight. They are very sturdy.  The 2016 Spring Summer collection focuses on the fusion of ASICS Japanese heritage and modern fair. The collection comprises of rich style delivered through vibrant and expressive designs.

These are my first pair from ASICS and I am impressed by the comfort level they offer. ASICS shoes are priced between the range of Rs. 4000- Rs. 12000 and are available at


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