How To Save Money When Beauty Shopping

I am a beauty junkie and I admit it. I love shopping for things that I do not even need. But I do love some good bargains. Shopping for beauty products can get a little expensive sometimes (read most of the times). Here are my tips to save a few bucks.


  1. Compare Different Websites

When shopping online, I always compare the price of the product on a few different websites like,, etc. before I hit checkout. Some or the other website always has a discount going on.

  1. Wait For The Sales

 A lot of shops and websites now have festive sales – Monsoon Sale, Independence Day Sale, Diwali Sale, Christmas Sale, etc.

  1. Save on Shipping

I hate to pay extra for shipping and cash on delivery. While cash on delivery is a good alternative payment method for girls who don’t have cards or who want to pay by cash, shipping charges can be avoided. Make a list of things you want and make a collective purchase. A lot of website offer free shipping if you make purchases above a certain amount.

  1. Sign Up For Reward Points

Get rewarded for shopping. Well, yes, websites like, also a lot of stores like Shopper’s Stop, Sephora, Lifestyle, The Body Shop, NewU give you points for every Rupee you spend. When these points add up, they offer you freebies or you can simply redeem these points on your next purchase.

  1. Read Reviews Before Buying

Look up the internet, read reviews, talk to your friends before putting in a couple of thousand Rupees into that newly launched, beautiful looking, eye shadow palette. Some products, no matter how hyped they are, are not worth the price.

  1. Get Testers/ Samples

Test a product before buying the full size to know whether it suits you or not. Kiehl’s is one brand that is very generous with their samples. Don’t shy away from asking the sales assistant for testers. Before buying some MAC foundations, I have always asked them to give me a tester which they give in a small tub. It is good for 3-4 uses generally.

  1. Buy In Bulk

If you use a particular kind of soap or a body wash or a body lotion, look for bigger sizes or also offers like buy two get one free. Turns out to be extremely cost effective.

  1. Wait For A Few Days To Avoid Impulse Shopping

Sometimes it turns out that we already own a similar product and forget about it. Or maybe we just get too tempted to buy something. Wait a few days, if you still feel you need it, go ahead and buy. This has saved me from making so many impulse purchases.

  1. Multi-tasking Products

Considered buying products that double up to save some bucks? Look for moisturizers that have sunscreen or a lip tint that can be applied as a cheek stain as well. They also save you some space when travelling.

  1. Sign Up For The Newsletters

A lot of websites offer some discount if you sign up for their newsletters. Also, this way you will be updated with the new products and any upcoming sales. They also send discount codes to lure customers.

  1. Check For Dupes

Turns out that a lot of High Street and Luxury brands have drugstore dupes. Search Pinterest for ‘makeup dupes’ and you will come across some great finds.

  1. Save Your Empties

Check a brand to see if they reward you for taking back empty containers. The Back to MAC is one such program where if you can get one free lipstick of your choice if you return 6 empties. Kiehl’s also offers customers with a complimentary product if you take back a few empty products.

These were my tips to save money on beauty products. Do let me know if you have any additional tips.

Happy saving!



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