Laser Hair Removal – My Experience and Thoughts


Alma Lasers, laser, hair removal

We all want beautiful, hair free skin. In the quest of staying hair-free, we spend innumerous number of hours each month, sometimes more than once a month getting ourselves waxed. But what happens when you suddenly have made plans to go out and your next waxing appointment is scheduled for the day after? Look for a full sleeves top, wear jeans instead of a skirt? Well, now you need not worry about such things. With new technology coming in you can get rid of unwanted hair in just 6-8 sittings. In my previous post I gave you a brief idea about laser treatment for different skin care concerns as well as for hair removal (click here to read). Today I will be sharing with you my experience of getting a laser hair removal treatment.

I got the treatment for my face, which covered my cheeks, side locks, upper lips and neck, basically my lower part of the face. Dr. Sumit Gupta did my treatment from the Skinnovation Clinics. The well-known, renowned team of dermatologists at the Skinnovation Clinics, Delhi has been pioneer in bringing latest technology in the field of cosmetic lasers to India. Dr. Sumit used the Soprano Ice Laser by Alma Lasers. Alma Lasers is the global innovator of new age laser machines. Lasers work under the surface of the skin and damage the hair follicles and reduce their future growth.

The procedure

The procedure started with shaving off the hair on my face and applying a gel. The procedure was not completely pain-free. I did feel slight burning sensation while getting it done, however, the sensation lasted only till the treatment and I was absolutely fine after it was over. The procedure lasted for about 10 minutes. With the latest lasers like the Soprano Ice Laser by Alma, even very fine hair is capable of being removed. So the age-old myth that lasers are effective only on thick growth is wrong.

Alma Lasers, laser, hair removal

Lasers work with equal efficacy on all kinds of hair – thick or fine, all kinds of skin color – light or dark sans grey hair. They are also suitable for all body parts including sensitive areas like the bikini line.

One thing you should keep in mind before going in for a laser treatment is that it is not permanent. However, it does reduce the hair growth to about 80-90%. Which means that after finishing your laser treatment, which consists about 6-8 sessions, you might need to go in for an annual upkeep. That’s it.

Laser Hair Removal and Hormonal concerns

Since my first post on lasers, I have received a number of queries from you all asking whether you should go in for laser when you have hormonal issues like PCOD, PCOS etc. and whether the treatment will be effective. A laser treatment coupled with the right medication for your hormonal concern will help in reducing the hair growth.

It is very important to go to a proper dermatologist clinic, since there you will be treated by doctors and not just technicians or aestheticians. Each patients’ needs are different and your treatment should be custom made for you according to your skin and hair type.


There are no per se precautions that you are required to take after the session. However, you must keep in mind not to wax, pluck or bleach the hair in between sessions as it comes in between the laser treatment and the efficacy of the treatment will be reduced. If you must, then you should just trim or shave the area.

Below is a short clip to show how the laser is done.

Laser Vs. Waxing

Cost – Each session of Laser treatment is more expensive than a session of waxing. However, waxing does not reduce the hair growth. You will have to continue to get waxing done for the rest of your life. The amount of money you will spend to get waxing each month, when accumulated will be way more than 6-8 sessions of lasers. For example: on an average I spend around Rs. 1000 per session (monthly) to get waxing. So that comes to around Rs. 12000 a year and Rs. 1,20,000 for 10 years. Ive taken just 10 years but we actually get waxing done for way longer. But in that amount you can get a laser treatment done and get rid of hair permanently. In effect, you end up spending much lesser for a laser treatment as compared to waxing. Hence, waxing costs more than laser in the longer run.

Time – One session of full body waxing will take you around 40 minutes. One session of full body laser will also take around the same time or lesser. However, you will be getting the laser treatment only for about 8 times versus the number of times you get waxing in just one year. Do the math ! Hence, lasers are more time-effective in the longer run.

Ingrown Hair – With waxing there are chances of getting ingrown hair but since lasers just burn the hair follicles there are no chances of getting that pesky ingrown hair.

Pain – Waxing, as we all know is very painful. Lasers are not completely pain-free either, but the pain that you get during a laser treatment is much lesser than as compared to waxing. And again, you just have to bear that slight discomfort for about 8 times and you’re done forever. But with waxing it is an ever going process.

I think that when the technology is available why not make use of it. Please feel free to leave and question below regarding laser hair removal and I will be happy to answer them.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, views written in this post are my own or what were represented to me by the dermatologists at the Skinnovation Clinics and the representatives of Alma Lasers.







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