Mascara Favorites- Maybelline The Falsies and Benefit They’re Real

Your eyes can make or break your look. Mascara adds that oomph factor to your face. I usually never spend a lot of money on mascaras. I feel the drugstore ones are equally good, if not better. I have been using the Maybelline The Falsies since a few years now and absolutely love it. But then I decided to give the Benefit They’re Real a go to see what the hype was really about.

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Maybelline The Falsies

Maybelline falsies mascara, maybelline mascara, maybelline volume express mascara

Maybelline falsies mascara, maybelline mascara, maybelline volume express mascara

The wand of this mascara is curvy, more like the natural shape of your lashes. It is flexible which bends to give a precise application. Once you coat your lashes with mascara, it opens up your eyes and provides amazing length to the lashes. It thickens the lashes beautifully. I do sometimes get the product on my under-eyes, while applying to my lower lashes. Maybelline the Falsies, I noticed, curls the lashes in an upward position, giving the effect of an eyelash curler and the curl stays for really really long. However, I am not a big fan of the upward curled lashes. It does clump a bit. But this mascara does make my small eyes appear quite big. I always go for this one when going out at night. It is available in waterproof and the regular options.

Benefit They’re Real

benefit they're real mascara, benefit mascara, theyre real

benefit they're real mascara, benefit mascara, theyre real

The wand of the Benefit They’re Real has really hard spikey bristles that comb and separate individually each and very lash. It does add a lot of length and also volume to the lashes. It does curl the lashes but not like the Maybelline Falsies, more like a natural, but better curl. It has a cylindrical ball like end, which is excellent for applying the product on the inner corners and lower lashes. It doesn’t clump. I find that Benefit They’re real is a more buildable mascara. You can go for a subtle day look with a single coat or apply 2-3 coats for a dramatic night look. I prefer to go for this one when going out during the day.

Both are amazing mascaras and my absolute favorite ones. Maybelline The Falsies is considered to be a dupe for Benefit They’re Real but in my honest opinion they are not. Both are unique in their own way and provide different effects to the lashes. I am running out of the Benefit They’re Real but I will definitely repurchase it again.

Price: Maybelline They’re Real – Rs. 475

Benefit They’re Real – Rs. 1800



  1. Shraddha Chavan
    October 20, 2015 / 10:18 am

    Loveddd the review ♥♥ Bt i really like the maybelline mascara.. it works good and also its pocket friendly 🙂

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