My Most Used Fitness Apps

As you would have read my earlier post [Healthy Recipe- Over Night Oats] where I mentioned that I have gained a lot of weight recently. I have been trying to be healthy and trying to incorporate some form of exercise. I have joined the gym (which I barely manage to go 3 times a week). But the days I don’t go to the gym, I try to watch what I eat and count my calories.

fitness apps,

So here are a few apps that I use:


  1. MyFitnesspal

This is my most used app. This app is an all in one app, it counts calories, tracks workouts etc. I know it sounds ridiculous to punch in the calories of every food item you shove down your mouth, but trust me, when you start mindlessly picking on a few M&Ms here and there and few bites of the oh-so-yummy brownies from your co-workers, you need this app in your life. I never imagined how may extra calories I take in each day with just a few pieces of Uncle Chips or biscuits that accompany my evening tea. The best thing about this app is that I recognises almost all Indian dishes. It also allows you to scan the barcode of packaged items like chips, cereals etc. and it automatically punches in all the nutritional value. You need to punch in some information like your current weight, desired weight and by when you want to achieve your desired weight, it then calculates the daily calories you should take in.

  1. Run Keeper

If you are a runner, then this app is for you. This app calculates your pace, allows you to set goals, records your distance, total exercise time, calories burned, reviews and compares your past progress. You can also share your progress with friends or on social media and get updates from your running buddies. Though I haven’t tried, but it also syncs with FitBit devices.

  1. FITRadio

One thing that really makes my gym time bearable is good music. FITRadio app is a music streaimng app which has playlists for different kinds of workouts. They usually have one hour long playlists which I find is super because you don’t have to keep looking in your phone for music or changing songs. You can browse through the playlist by the genres or the type of workout such as cardio, zumba, crossfit, spinning, yoga etc. You can mark a particular playlist your favourite so that you can listen to them again.

  1. Seven – The 7 Minute Workout App

A workout that lasts only 7 minutes? Wow. This app is for the lazy bums who don’t like working out and who give ‘not having enough time for exercise’ as an excuse to not workout. The 7 minute workout is a high intensity interval training program. You do 12 exercises in total, each for 30 seconds, with a 10 second break in-between. The exercises include things like push-ups, triceps dips, jumping jacks, and crunches. Well something is better than nothing.

I have two other apps – Nike+ Running which I think is similar to Runkeep and logs in your running activity and Pedometer which counts your steps but I hardly use them.

I hope this was helpful and do let me know what kind of apps you use to stay fit and healthy in the comments below.


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