New Year, New Me ?

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2017 flew by so quickly. With a blink of an eye we are here in 2018. Ever since I was a kid new year brought about a new spark in me. But that spark would die off in a few days, let alone months. Every year I would set resolutions for myself on the last day or the year or the first day of the new year, only to be forgetting them after a couple of days. All throughout my school life a lot of my resolutions would be the same -‘lose weight’, ‘exercise more often’ ‘get good grades’ and so on. And I would never stick by them. Come college, I got busy with other things so I did not bother setting any resolutions. However, last year, 2017, was very different for me.

Towards the end of 2017, for the first time, I didnt not set any ‘resolutions’, but I set ‘Goals’ for myself. The word ‘resolutions’ seems so daunting. I am very proud to say that I did achieve most of the goals I set. I just did not achieve one of them, which to be honest, I am okay with. I changed a few things about myself, I quit a few bad habits that I had. The resolution that I used to set every year of ‘being healthy and exercising more’, was finally worked upon in 2017.

LoveFashionMakeup, Ishita Khattar, New Year goals, 2018, 2017 review, indian beauty blog, makeup india

Some of the highlights of 2017 were:

Starting Youtube

I wouldve never ever thought of doing this. But I finally pushed myself out of my comfort zone and did it.

Quitting My JobĀ 

I would say this was a good thing as well as a bad thing for me. Good because my job was extremely demanding, say 9 am to 11 pm (like 14-16 hours a day) so after quit I started taking care of my body. Eating healthy, ate fresh home cooked food, exercised more. Bad because I no longer am financially independent. Till the time my blog and YouTube dont start making me money, I am going to be dependant on my husband, but thats one of my goals for 2018 – to be financially independent .

Quitting Some Bad Habits

I got the will power from somewhere, god knows where, but I stuck to my plan and kicked a few things in the butt. I wouldve never thought of myself as someone who has any amount of will power. But now I know if I set my mind to something, I will achieve it.

Getting Fit

I wouldnt say I lost the weight that I gained after I got married (hello, we are Indians, Indian women gain weight after their get married, lol) But I exercised more than I have ever done in my entire life. I dint know cooking at all, but after I quit y jib, I started spending more time in the kitchen and now I can say that I can whip up a good enough meal.

I think when you set yourself some goals and milestones, rather than setting resolutions, you are more likely to achieve them. Or if not achieve, at least work towards them.

LoveFashionMakeup, Ishita Khattar, New Year goals, 2018, 2017 review, indian beauty blog, makeup india

2018 GOALS

So I am back, all charged up and excited to start 2018. I have set goals, this time more streamlined than the last year. Watch the video below to see what goals I have set for this year.


One practice that I am following this year is to set monthly goals. In my bullet journal, I have a monthly section where I am setting a few goals and writing down my monthly to-do lists. I will be doing a full post or a video on my planner cum bullet journal set-up.

Heres wishing all of you a very happy and successful 2018.




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