PAC Cosmetic Ultimate Beauty Blender Sponge

PAC Cosmetics Ultimate Beauty Blender Sponge

The original Beauty Blender has taken the beauty world by a storm. It has changed the way people apply makeup. The result of using a Beauty Blender is simply a flawless, natural-looking face.

I have been using the original Beauty Blender since about 2 years now. And I absolutely cannot do without it. I don’t even remember how foundation looks using a brush now.

A friend recommended trying the PAC Cosmetics Beauty Blender Sponge. Since it was readily available on Amazon and also very affordable as compared to the original Beauty Blender, I decided to give it a go. I was surprised by the quality. I ordered the Ultimate Beauty Blender Sponge which comes in a pack of two along with a mesh pouch. The round egg-shaped sponge is a very close dupe for the original Beauty Blender and the flat bottomed one is a dupe for the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

I run the egg-shaped one under running water and it increases in size, just like the original Beauty Blender. I use them for foundation, concealer and sometimes even powder. The result achieved by both sponges is the same as compared to their original counterparts. The only difference I found was that the egg-shaped one is slightly harder than the original Beauty Blender.

The mesh pouch that comes with it is very handy, especially while travelling. It is easy to store the wet  beauty blender sponge without it ruining your makeup pouch.

Anyone wanting to try out the original Beauty Blender or the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge should give these PAC Cosmetics Ultimate Beauty Blender Sponges a try. They are affordable, have the same outcome and readily available.

Price: Rs. 745

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