Currently Lovin’ – January

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I cant believe January has already gone by. Earlier, I used to do a Monthly Favorites post, which would feature beauty products that I was using during that month. But now I have decided to switch things up a little. I will be doing a new series ‘Currently Lovin’ which will not only feature beauty products but also some other bits that I have been loving that month. Hope you guys enjoy this..

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Olaplex Hair Treatment – What it really is.


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Have you ever got your hair coloured and thought why is your hair looking like a dry lump of rope? Well, with all the chemical treatment that we put our hair through, the quality of the hair from outside as well as inside starts deteriorating. We do take a lot of care of our hair from going for hair spas to oiling to DIY hair treatments. But little do we do for it from inside. Olaplex is a hair treatment that works from the inside out to strengthen our hair while repairing existing damage to our hair bonds.

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7 Tips for Healthy Hair During Winters

7 Tips for Healthy Hair During WinterLets face it, Winter season plays a havoc on our skin and hair. You need to give your hair and skin an extra dose of TLC to maintain its good health. Good hair is definitely an instant confident booster for me. Here I have put together a few tips to protect your hair from harsh, cold weather..

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A Spa That Has It All || Shanaya Spa Review – The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel

What better way to pamper your tired body than a luxurious spa? Spending a couple of hours at a spa every few months is the perfect way for me destress. Recently, I visited the Shanaya Spa located in East Delhi. It is a part of the massive Leela Ambience Convention property. Once you enter the hotel, it is another world altogether. The spa is no different.

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6 Hacks for Getting Rid of Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags

Binge watching Gilmore Girls up until wee hours in the morning ? Or a few drinks with co-workers after hours turned into a late night drinking sesh? And now you’ve got dark bag under your eyes. We have all been there, havent we? So here are a few hacks that will help you cover up those pesky black bags.

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