Small Steps Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

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Hi everyone, today I wanted to share with you some small steps that you can take to start a healthier lifestyle. Lets face it, we are so busy these days that we sometimes tend to forget about ourselves. We neglect our bodies and then one day comes when you sit back and think and regret what you have done and why. Well, that happened to me. My work was very demanding, I used to be working for 16-18 hours a day. (For all those of you who don’t know, I am a corporate lawyer.) I obviously didn’t have the time to eat meals at a decent hour let alone exercising. In the longer run I ended up spoiling my back and my health and have added 9 kgs in two years. I ultimately had to quit.

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Beginners Guide to a Makeup Routine

makeup routine for beginners, love fashion makeupI must admit it, the makeup and beauty world can be a little overwhelming sometimes, especially when you are a beginner. So many products to choose from, so many formulas of the same products, so many colors. Looking back at days when I wasn’t into makeup as much as I am now, my makeup routine was so simple – some BB cream, kohl and a lipstick. I couldn’t even imagine at that time that I would need 3 different kinds of foundation – one for a matte look, one for a dewy look, one for everyday. I used to have just one facial spray – a rose water to keep my skin hydrated and glowy. Now I have a hydrating toner, a skin calming toner, a setting spray and what not.

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Nykaa Paintstix – Review and Swatches

Nykaa Painstix, Love Fashion Makeup, Matte Lipsticks

Hey guys, sorry for being a dull around here. Last few days have been hectic. First, my parents came to visit me and I really wanted to spend time with them as they hardly come to Delhi. Then after they left, I was going back home to my parents place as my aunt is visiting from London. After this I am going to my in-laws place for Holi. Phew !! I do have a lot of posts planned. I have also taken all the photos but I just cant get around to actually sitting and writing the posts. I am currently siting here, at my parents place and trying to get this long overdue post up as soon as I can. Hopefully, things will be back to normal here around end March. Enough of my ranting, coming to the Nykaa Paintstix, which this post is about, Nykaa recently launched a new range of lipsticks called the Paintstix.

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Currently Lovin’ – February

Currently Loving - February, Love Fashion Makeup, monthly favorities

Hello. I am back again with my favourite things from the month of February. As I mentioned in my previous Favourites post (read here) I am going to share with you all the things that I have loved in that month and not necessarily beauty only. I have here with me a couple of gifts that I received – February being the Valentines month and also the month of my Wedding Anniversary. So lets get into it.

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Why Double Cleansing is the best thing you can do for your skin

Double Cleansing, Love Fashion Makeup, Pixi Double Cleanse

I don’t remember the last time I removed makeup with just a makeup wipe, or a makeup remover and not washing my face afterwards. So when queen of skincare Caroline Hirons came out with a product in collaboration with Pixi called the Double Cleanse I wanted to know what the fuss is really about? So what is Double Cleansing? Well, it nothing but first removing your makeup up with makeup remover and then later washing your face with a cleanser aka face wash. The idea behind a double cleansing is that we tend to put on multiple layers of products onto our face – serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, foundation and so on. We need more than one type of a cleanser to remove all of it from our skin. View Post