Small Steps Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

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Hi everyone, today I wanted to share with you some small steps that you can take to start a healthier lifestyle. Lets face it, we are so busy these days that we sometimes tend to forget about ourselves. We neglect our bodies and then one day comes when you sit back and think and regret what you have done and why. Well, that happened to me. My work was very demanding, I used to be working for 16-18 hours a day. (For all those of you who don’t know, I am a corporate lawyer.) I obviously didn’t have the time to eat meals at a decent hour let alone exercising. In the longer run I ended up spoiling my back and my health and have added 9 kgs in two years. I ultimately had to quit.

I would wake up each day with my body hurting like anything and had headaches and migraines as frequent as everyday other day. Cant even describe how sick and weak I started feeling. But I have now realized that it is not worth it. Today I am sitting at home, jobless, but I know I am taking care of my health and body. So now when I am trying to lose weight or lead a healthy lifestyle, I am finding it difficult. But I have realized that I need to start small. So here are some small, easy changes that you can bring about in your life to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

8 Small Steps To Need to Try Today To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

  1. Wakeup Thirty Minutes Before you Actually Need To Get Up

Get up, get yourself a glass of hot water with lemon, go out, maybe just to your balcony, get some Vitamin D and fresh air. Maybe meditate for 5-10 minutes. Do some stretching. You wont believe what thirty minutes can do.

  1. Eat a Wholesome Breakfast

Skipping breakfast only leads to eating junk throughout the day. Eat a good healthy breakfast, which will keep you full for 2-3 hours atleast. I have realized that I get a headache when I skip breakfast.

  1. Drink More Water

We all know the benefits of drinking adequate amount of water. It flushes out the toxins. Also, sometimes the brain gives wrong signals to your body. You might think you are hungry, but actually you might just be thirsty. If you cant drink plain water, like me, include sugar-free teas, detox water, etc.

  1. Move Around

Whether you have a desk job or are working from home, keep moving around, doing small chores. What I do is keep my water bottle and my phone in another room, so I have to keep getting up to drink water or to check my social media. Want to pass on a message to a colleague in office? Don’t pick up the extension phone. Get up and go to them yourself.

  1. Go for a Walk or Do Some Light Exercise

When you are starting your fitness journey, you don’t need to spend 2 hours in a gym. Start small. Start going for walks. Track your steps. Or just do some 20 minutes exercise. Slowly build strength and increase the exercise time. Want to pick up groceries? Don’t take your car out or a cab, walk to the store.

  1. Eat More Home Cooked Meals

Eating home cooked meals has got a lot of benefits. Firstly, you don’t have the extra sauces that restaurants add to give flavor. Secondly, you can control the amount of oil you add tp your meal. Thirdly, you can make just the amount you need to eat and control portion size. And Fourthly, you end up saving a lot of money. Allow yourself one or two cheat meals a week.

  1. Eat Dinner Atleast Two Hours Before Going to Bed

During evening, your body is also in resting phase and its ability to digest food quickly and burning fat reduces. You should finish your last meal two to three hours before going to sleep so that your body has enough time to digest it.

  1. Cut One Thing At a Time

While starting on this journey of being healthy, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Because the more you deprive your body of something, the more it will crave. Slowy train your mind to cut one thing from your diet. I used to drink coke with each meal. I started out by not keeping colas in the house at all. Now I maybe drink once a week and I don’t really crave for it so much. Similar thing I did with potato chips.

I hope these steps help out anyone who is just starting a healthier lifestyle or who wants to embrace this journey. These are small changes that you can start making and you will see a difference.

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  1. March 30, 2017 / 12:10 am

    Great tips x

    Laura |

    • Love Fashion Makeup
      March 30, 2017 / 9:45 am

      Thank you Laura.

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