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Vanity Cube, Love Fashion Makeup

It has gotten extremely hot here in Delhi. The last thing on my mind is going to a salon for my monthly maintenance, you know, waxing, threading, manicure pedicure etc. Here is when Vanity Cube comes to my rescue. It is an app based at-home beauty salon service. The services are available in Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

Vanity Cube, Love Fashion Makeup

I opted for the Classic Manicure, Pedicure and a Hair Spa. An hour before my service was about to start, I received a message saying that my therapist is on her way. My therapist arrived on time. She brought with her everything that she would require for my service. What I really liked was that the therapist brought disposal mats. So my house didn’t even get dirty.

My session started with the pedicure first. It is mentioned on their website that the Classic Pedicure lasts for 30 minutes but this definitely lasted longer. The therapist spent a lot of time scrubbing off my dead skin, cleaned my nails, buffed them and gave me a good, long massage. Even though, my pedicure wasn’t the anti-tan one, my feet appeared much brighter. Now I am happy to say that my feet are Summer Ready.

Vanity Cube, Love Fashion Makeup

Next was my manicure. One thing I hate about getting manicures done at salons is that they just cut off the cuticles, which isn’t necessarily good for the nails. But my therapist from Vanity Cube did not just blindly cut them off. She pushed them back ever so gently and just got rid of the extra dry cuticles, which were hanging off my nails. I have dry cuticles so she spent a good amount of time massaging them.

Vanity Cube, Love Fashion Makeup

I also got a hair spa done. My therapist nicely sectioned out my hair applied the spa cream to the roots and lengths of my hair. The massage that followed was just heavenly. I went into a sweet sleep while getting the massage done. The therapist also brought with her a portable steamer which she used on my hair during the hair spa treatment.

Vanity Cube, Love Fashion Makeup

During the entire session, the therapist was extremely professional. She repeatedly kept asking me if I was comfortable with the pressure of the massage, the temperature of the water etc.

I was extremely happy with the service of Vanity Cube. The prices are very reasonable. The price of the Classic Pedicure is INR 400, Classic Manicure is INR 300 and Loreal Hair Spa for Shoulder length hair is INR 700. I was just going through their website to see the prices of other services and I saw Rica Full Hands is INR 440 and Full Legs is INR 550, which is very reasonable. You can either book through their website  or through their app. The minimum booking amount if INR 800.

I have something special for you all. You can use the code ‘Ishita20’ and avail a 20% discount on all services.


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