Whats In My Bag – Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Whats in my bag-Gucci Soho Disco

I have always been into big tote bags that can probably fit my entire world inside. I used to find small bags very inconvenient up until recently. A few months back I developed some back problem and was unable to take the weight of a large bag on my shoulders. Since then I have been on the look out for a small bag and I think I have found my perfect everyday small bag – the Gucci Soho Disco bag.

I loved the minimalistic design of this bag. But was still unsure whether it is going to fit all my essentials. I saw a lot of reviews on YouTube of the Gucci Soho Disco Bag. I also saw a ton of ‘Whats In My Bag’ videos just to get an idea as to how much or how little this bag would fit. After doing my research, I finally decided to buy it. Do not get deceived by the small size of this bag. When I started filling it in, I was surprised. It fit in everything that I would want to carry but still not making it heavy on the shoulders.

I have been going on and on about this bag when this isn’t a bag review post. That’s how much I love this bag. But now lets see what is actually inside my bag.

Whats in my bag, Gucci Soho Disco

//The Essentials//

My iPhone 6s, Miu Miu Specs, a cute golden Pineapple Key Chain form H&M for my House Keys, Aldo Card Holder and Kate Spade wristlet, which I use as a Wallet. These are the essential bits that are always with me no matter what.

Whats in my bag, Gucci Soho Disco

//The Beauty Bits//

I used to carry I pouch with a ton of makeup items in my larger bags. But I realized that I hardly touch up my makeup though out the day. So now I have switched to carrying just a few bits that I think I might need on the go.

I carry this Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder mostly to use its mirror. I have a travalo with my Gucci Guilty Perfume. I currently am carrying just two lip products in my bag – one is a MAC Cosmo Lipstick and the other, a Sephora Lip Satin in the shade 05 Infinite Rose. I always carry a lip balm with me because I have extremely dry lips. I also have a Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer in Warm Vanilla and a hair comb with a few hair ties tied around it.

Whats in my bag, Gucci Soho Disco

//The Extras//

In case I am going for an event or blog related work, I carry a business cardholder, with my blogs business cards. I am on the look out for a new cardholder; this one is really old and slightly battered. Someone who has an Iphone will know how long its battery lasts for. So most times I carry this ASUS portable charger with the AmazonBasics Iphone cable.

And there, that’s what is inside my bag. I must say, my back is definitely thanking me now. I would love to know what are your essentials that you carry in your bag.



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