Where Did I Disappear + Announcement

Hello lovelies, welcome back after a realllyyy long break. I know it has been more than I month since I last posted here. I had a pretty busy month plus I have a huge announcement for you all. I have started my YouTube Channel. I was also travelling last month. I went on a holiday with my parents. It was a very sudden trip that we took. I was busy with visa applications, planning the trip etc. But now coming back to my announcement – I have been wanting to start YouTube since so long, I cant even tell you.

It was also one of my 2017 resolutions. For people who know me closely would know that I am a very reserved kind of a person. I am also a little shy especially in front of the camera and I also don’t like to talk too much. And we all know YouTube requires you to TALK. But then I just mustered up all the courage and decided to record a video. My first video on YouTube is my London Haul video. That’s not actually the first video I recorded. I did try to shoot another video before this but I got so weird infront of the camera that I decided to delete it. Then I recorded another video where I am not talking but just showing a makeup tutorial. The battery died halfway though me shooting that video and I never got back to completing it.

After I came back from my trip, I decided that I am just going to do it. And I did. My first video is not quite up to it. But I was just testing different things out like the background, lighting etc. It also has a lot of background noise from the road because I recorded the audio from the camera’s in-built microphone. Little did I know that it picks up the minutest of noises. But I still decided to go ahead and make it public.

My second video, where I did a Natural Everyday Summer Makeup look tutorial, I learnt from the mistakes of my first video and it has come out better. I am still learning. I haven’t taken any professional help. I will continue to update and teach myself everyday. I am still a very camera shy person, but I am working on that too. For now I will try to upload a video atleast once a week. I will continue posting here too. Maybe not as often but my aim is two posts a week.

Please please please subscribe to my channel (channel name is Ishita Khattar | LoveFashionMakeup) and share my videos with your friends. I would love your feedback on my videos. I know there is a lot of negativity in the YouTube world, but lets hope to encourage and support one another. Feel free to leave me video or blog post requests.

Love, Ishita






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